Weekend in Seoul Pt. 1

Sorry for my long hiatus from the blog. This past weekend we had a 3-day weekend (right on schedule with Memorial Day at home) but it was for Buddah’s birthday. We decided to take this opportunity to travel a bit and decided to go to Seoul!

We decided on Seoul for many resons:
1. good food, non-korean food, international food market (we really really love food)
2. It was a long weekend so a perfetct time to make the long trek (only 4.5 hours) Seoul.
3. We had friends in Seoul and wanted to visit with them and catch up!
4. Mexican food

The main goal for the weekend was to get some good food and just relax in a new city. We didn’t want to try to see everything because we knew that wouldn’t be possible and we would be exhausted by the time the trip was over! We also knew we would be going back, especially when people come to visit us, so we decided to scout out some places to take them! We also went to Myongdong- the shopping district- so we (I) could shop! I had heard about all the cheap shopping in Korea, but everywhere I looked in our town was expensive so when we got to Myongdong and I saw a 4 story Forever 21 I was thrilled! Not only were they cheap clothes, but normal sizes too! Paul was happy too because it was cheap and I was done shopping after that because I had actually found clothes that fit!

This is an intersection on our way to MyongDong

This was one of the alleys in Myongdong

After Myongdong, we took the subway (which was super exciting for me because it was my first time) to Itaewon, or foreigner town. It was nice to be able to speak English and know what was going on around us…and eat American food! After a nice lunch of Quiznos we met up with our friends, whose house we stayed at, and Robin cooked a delicious homemade American dinner! It was fabulous! Our friend Will also took us out for a nice beer! Something I’ve really come to appreciate in Korea! The next district over was also having a music festival so we saw a few bands play before calling it a night!

I’ve decided to break this blog post into two parts since I took so many pictures and I feel that Seoul Tower deserves its own post!  So this is a little teaser of our trip to Seoul and tomorrow I will top it off with Seoul tower!