Weekend in Seoul Pt. 2

Part 2 of my weekend in Seoul:

The next day we went to an English speaking church, which I’ve really missed! Then we went to lunch at On The Border- so delicious!  I’ve missed cheese, and avocados and refried beans, and mexican rice with actual flavor! That afternoon we went to N Seoul Tower, where I proceeded to take a hundred pictures of the city that all look the same!

There were SO many stairs!

We saw an electric bus charging up!

It was a long, but beautiful walk!

Towers of the world and their heights!

On a clearer day you can see the mountains in the back- they’re the North Korean border!

Such a huge city!! This is only about 14 of it!

Here is where all the Koreans bring a lock to signify their love and commitment to each other

Yeah we went there…we just couldn’t resist!

Haenam bound…the bus terminal was SO crowded!

But at least we got to ride in comfort! Yes that’s the equivalent of a lazy boy on the bus…reclining AND a foot rest!

Overall, it was a fabulous relaxing weekend filled with great food, company, and sights! We can’t wait to go back!