Hanging with the Weatherly’s

Many of you know that my in-laws, the Weatherly’s, came to visit us last week here in Korea. It was so great to get to see them and show them our town. (Montgomery Gentry song…anyone…anyone? Okay, sorry moving on) We got to take them to our schools, show them Haenam, take them to our favorite restaurant, and then we got to take them to Seoul! We love Seoul and we love that we live close enough to it for a weekend jaunt, well a long weekend jaunt. I mean its pretty crazy that we live in the mountains, near the beach, in the country, yet only 5 hours away from one of the biggest cities in the world!

Week one was spent in Haenam. We started off with our favorite restaurant, The Cheese Trough. That’s not its actual name, but its just what all the foreigners call it because, well, it has a trough of cheese- aka heaven!

Seriously, some of the best food you could ever eat in your life! It’s a sort of fusion Korean restaurant. The traditional Korean part being cooking your own beef, and of course kimchi, (korean bbq) but with other influences, like the cheese, and egg (not pictured). Also, the salad is to die for! Its a sort of peanuty Thai fusion salad and is oh so yummy! I’m hungry just thinking about it!

The next few days were spent with them visiting our schools, meeting our students, and just seeing what our day to day life is like here. It even included a few school lunches- but they got lucky, no squid that day! Unfortunately, the arrived right in the middle of monsoon season so we had lots of rain, but on the bright side it cooled down considerably after that. And they left right before the typhoon hit us- great timing!

After our week in Haenam we headed up to Seoul.  We spent 5 days in Seoul and had a blast just hanging out, exploring, and Paul and I got our fix on American food!  I’m still editing the pictures from Seoul, but they will be up within the next day or so!

What do you think about the Korean BBQ above?  Is it your style or do prefer to have your meat already cooked