Finding the Stillness

So this summer break from teaching still leaves me at my desk from 9-5. I have summer camp in the morning and after that I “desk warm” in an empty desolate building save for a few people. Now its really easy for me to grumble and complain about this when its such a beautiful day outside and my husband is out enjoying it, and well I did grumble a bit when I first found out, but now I’m trying to be positive. How, you ask? Well I’m taking my free time to try and learn some things I’ve always wanted to learn. For example, I’m working on my Korean, attempting to teach myself to play the piano, and attempting to master that which is Photoshop.

To start I took a beginner class from Jessica Sprague. You can find her courses on her website at I highly recommend them! She makes everything super easy to understand and walks you through step by step. And best of all, once you take a class you have it forever. Meaning you can always log back in if you forget how to do something! It’s great! In addition to her class, I love reading the Pioneer Woman’s blog- she has some great experts on photography and some great free actions for photoshop! You can find her at

Even though I frequently refer to these sources, among others, I am still a complete beginner and Photoshop is extremely overwhelming at times, but then again what new task isn’t, right? I took a TON of pictures when we were in Seoul with the Weatherlys, and I’m still trying to get through them all! (I took 500!) It’s extremely daunting, especially the idea of editing them all! I have a whole new level of respect for photographers and the man hours they put into Photoshop! But I did want to share 1 pic with y’all today.

This is a church in the heart of Seoul in the Myeongdong district. This district is known for its shopping and its filled with name brand stores and cute trendy boutiques. Everywhere you look you see the hustle and bustle of a big city and a fashion haven, and then you just turn the corner and see this beautiful, peaceful church. Its remarkable! It was such a cool experience to be in the heart of Seoul but a quiet, reverent pocket! If I lived in Seoul this would definitely be one of my favorite spots!

Do you have a favorite calm spot in your city? Are any of you fumbling through photoshop like me?