A Sentimental Post

So I know I’ve been MIA lately, let’s face it, consistency is not one of my gifts, but in my defense I have been on vacation for about 2 weeks and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Paul and I met up with my family in Hawaii for a week of relaxing, well as much relaxing as can be done with my planner self- what can I say, there was just so much to see and do! It was so strange to be back in the States, but not home. It was weird to hear English all around us and to be able to actually read signs and understand them. But what was even weirder was how we were still surrounded by Asians! There were so many Japanese, Chinese, and Korean tourists! I found myself bowing still and handing and accepting things with two hands, another cultural nicety. It was a strange combination of the two cultures I’ve lived in.

After a week in the states, a reunion with my family, and some chats with good friends back home, I’m really missing Memphis. Add that with an iTunes on shuffle and loads of country songs and I’m feeling very nostalgic for home right now. Being in Korea is a wonderful experience, but it has also made me so much more appreciative of where I come from, my family, and friends, and living so close to everyone back home. Not to mention our incredible food, and the ability to go, well, forever without eating rice!

This is the song that popped up in my iTunes first and started my nostalgia kick…I just love the south!