Caught Off Guard

One of my favorite things about teaching EFL is the funny things students say.  Sometimes they are words lost in translation and other times they are completely intential, correct, and absolutely hilarious.  Today was one of those days when one of my students contributed with something he thought completely normal and I found absolutely hysterical.

It’s the first day back of the new semester so today was an easier lesson to get them back in the English speaking mindset after vacation.  I shared with them my vacation to Hawaii, pictures, stories, and a few history lessons as well.  They they shared with me their summer vacations.  Most of them, it turns out, went to English camp so they never got out of the English speaking mindset.  Lucky for me!  At the end of class, I told them that next class we would resume with the book and would be starting chapter 7, “How Do You Earn Pocket Money.”  To introduce it, I shared with them the American custom of completing chores for an allowance.  I then asked if they did anything to earn money.  Most of them answered “I just ask my mom,” or “My dad just gives it to me.” 

Then, just as I had lost all hope and begun to formulate a plan to ask to be adopted, one of my boys pipes with his priceless answer, “I pull my dad’s white hairs from his head.  500 won for each one!”

He was just so excited and thought it a perfectly normal task for a young boy.  I obviously found it hysterical, and I hope you did as well!