A Little Taste of Home

There are few things I love more in this world than food.  In case you haven’t noticed that yet… I could never go on a diet because there is just too much good food to be eaten!  Not only do I love to eat the food but I love to make it too!  This has been hard since we’ve moved to Korea, and often times frustrating, because so many recipes I want to try have simple ingredients that I just cannot find!  I learned some ways around this, and I’ve certainly gotten much better at education guesses and experimenting.  And the best part is, I’ve begun making things from scratch that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of back home…and let me tell you scratch is ALWAYS better than store bought.  It may take a couple of rounds to get it right, but it is always better!

One thing Paul and I had be craving oh so much lately is a good burger!  There is NOTHING like a good burger for us.  I love the flexibility and endless possibilities!  Sadly, while Koreans think their burgers are good…they just don’t cut it.  Its a weird meat and even stranger flavor, so of course we set out to solve this hankering!  We had some delicious burgers while on vaca in Hawaii, but instead of satiating this incredible desire, these burgers only seemed to fuel the fire within.  So we grabbed our neighbor and headed off to the butcher.  We had never been before, and Koreans don’t really eat ground up beef so we had to ask our neighbor how to order it.  We got our beef (which was essentially a ground up sirloin or fillet or something) and headed home.  I found a wonderful recipe for homemade hamburger buns here.  It was wonderfully simple and delicious!  Not to mention super quick, which is the best part of all.  Even once we get back to the states I will continue making these over store bought ones!

Now for the mouth-watering picture…  Note that those are also homemade fries…I went all out for this dinner!

Yum Yum Yum

I highly recommend you try out these buns!  I can’t believe I’ve never thought to make buns homemade before, but I will definitely be looking to see what other homemade things I can add to my arsenal soon!  What is your favorite made-from-scratch food?  Any suggestions for what I should try next?