Typhoon Bolaven

So this past week I had an exciting week; I got to experience a typhoon (hurricane in Western terms) AND a tropical storm all in the span of 3 days! I love weather, and I am thoroughly fascinated by it. I watch the weather channel for fun and am desperate to see a tornado in person! I had always been intrigued by hurricanes, but living in land-locked Tennessee led me to be more intrigued by the more frequent tornados than the hurricane leftovers we got, but now that I am in Korea hurricanes are possible. Typhooon Bolaven was one of the largest typhoons to hit Korea in over 50 years. It was about the size of France according to CNN news. It was so big that it actually changed the course of a smaller typhoon and turned it around causing it to partially retrace it previous track and follow Bolaven to Korea- this became the tropical storm.

Honestly It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be while it was going on, but I think this is because I was in the city in a short building surrounded by tall ones, because once I went to school and saw the country there was much more damage. So instead of blabbering on, I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves!

Thank goodness we still had gas

Still studying, even without power

The high school across the street from us

The restaurant next to our building

hhmmm…I wonder which way the wind was blowing…

Note the awning in the background

pieces of the bus stop

a building blown on its side…the blue is actually the roof!