Things I’m Glad I Brought to Korea

So my last post was all about the things I should’ve put in my bags before leaving for a year, but now I present you with the side of my that overpacked.  My… Continue reading

Tipping in Korea

One of my favorite things about Korea is their service.  At home we are so used to dealing with grumpy people, being put on hold, waiting hours for no one to show, and… Continue reading

My Students

Today is going to be a quick post.  I haven’t said too much about teaching yet, so I want to share some with you. I think my students are the absolute best, but… Continue reading

Things I Should Have Brought to Korea

The most overwhelming part of moving here was packing.  Hands down, it was the most intimidating part of the process.  I mean I have trouble packing for a short vaction to the beach,,… Continue reading

Meals in Korea

So a lot of you have asked what the food is like here and what do we typically eat. The answer is rice and kimchi.  Seriously every lunch consists of rice, kimchi, soup,… Continue reading

Apartment Tour!

First of all, sorry that this upload took so long!  We were so excited to finally get internet and what do you know it broke, but it’s up and running again and hopefully… Continue reading

Damyang Bamboo Festival

As I mentioned in my last post, Koreans LOVE festivals!  There were at least 3 going on this past weekend in my province.  I’m sure there were many more, but these are the… Continue reading

Things I’ve learned in Korea

Here is a short list of things I’ve learned since I’ve arrived in Korea: 1.  Samsung also makes cars 2. Cars of color (red, blue, green, yellow, etc) do not exist in Korea… Continue reading

HaeNam HaeNam


So last night we went downtown, and I was “that tourist.”  I took the camera and took the same pictures over and over! We celebrated my birthday with our fellow orientation friends and… Continue reading